The FiOS way to entertainment

FiOS Deals

FiOS deals include TV, Internet and Digital Voice. Any two or all three packaged as a service is termed a Double Play or Triple Play, respectively. FiOS TV has three plans with digital channels and HD channels. FiOS Internet has four plans with available download speeds of up to 500 Mbps (where available). Unlimited calling with other attractive features like Caller ID on TV come with your FiOS Digital Voice plan. The bundle builder is a unique tool which helps you figure out if your desired requirements can be serviced by Verizon. Verizon deals can be subscribed to on a monthly basis or through an attractive contract, with many special sign-on bonuses.


  • Over 160+ HD Channels
  • More than 575+ 100% All Digital Channels
  • Remote DVR Programming
  • Over 50,000 Videos On Demand
  • 46 Commercial Free Music Channels

FiOS Digital Voice

  • Caller ID
  • Voice Mail to Email
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Forwarding to your Mobile Phone
  • Block Unwanted Callers and Numbers

FiOS Internet

Verizon FiOS Internet allows you to successfully and rapidly up and download photos, movies, music, and other large media file types. Anyone would be happy with such awesome Internet speeds but it does not end there. Verizon FiOS Internet can also be accessed from your favorite café to share online and special moments with friends.

When you subscribe, you also get:

  • Verizon Wi-Fi for access to over 5,000 hotspots
  • Free email accounts
  • Web storage space to build your own blogs more
  • 24/7 customer support

FiOS has its technological roots in optical fiber which transmits information with light pulses, this is great for residents or even FiOS business usage. There could not be a better word to represent what FiOS Internet has come to mean to us in our daily lives. Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) is the telecommunication service offered by Verizon and FiOS is trademarked by the same. A typical FiOS package will include: Internet, Television and Home phone service.

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Your package inlcudes:

  • 100% Fiber Optics
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Unbelievably Fast Speeds

Verizon FiOS Availability
Can I Get It? If you are shopping for premium services for your home, Verizon delivers. Is it groundbreaking fiber optic TV you’re looking for? With over 575 digital
channels and 160+ available in high definition, you may find it difficult to decide what to watch every night with so many choices.  With DVR service, you can pause and rewind live TV and you can also watch one show while recording another. If you leave for the day and forget to record your favorite TV show, you can use the MY FiOS App and program right from your smartphone! There are two versions compatible with both the iPhone® and Android™. You can read through the pages of our site to learn more about the FiOS App for iOS as well as the FiOS App for Android. If you’re not sure of FiOS availability in your area, simply call us toll-free and one of our agents can help you find out. If you searched for verison fios, be sure to know that you’re actually looking for Verizon FiOS. And if it’s available in your area, you may be eligible for one of many sign-on specials. Bundle FiOS TV with Internet and Digital Voice and see which promotion you qualify for. You may be able to receive monthly bill credits for the first year of service. Of course, all promotions vary by region and are subject to availability so your best bet is to call us today and find out what you can get from FiOS!

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